The ultimate gaming experience

September 14th, 2011 Comments Off on The ultimate gaming experience

optic: lol this looks like an awesome game optic: ooh they have a bus & cable car simulator optic: also PORTS kent: jesus kent: i’m not big on video/computer games in general but if i want to play a game i want an escape from real life, not a game that lets you pursue […]

It is a truth universally acknowledged…

May 20th, 2011 Comments Off on It is a truth universally acknowledged…

Elizabeth Bennet: I am very sensible of the honour of your proposals, but it is impossible for me to do otherwise than decline them.
 Mr. Collins: I am not now to learn, that it is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses of the man whom they secretly mean to accept, and shall hope […]


May 20th, 2011 Comments Off on ET THIS, BRUTE!

Brutus and the conspirators cluster around Caesar, stabbing him repeatedly with their knives until he lies dead on the ground. Camera pans up to show the large and expanding pool of blood around him. Closeup on Brutus as he turns away, a look of grim achievement on his face. There’s a rustle behind him. Brutus […]

Oscars Party Menu

February 27th, 2011 Comments Off on Oscars Party Menu

Cocktails Anisette Bening Snacks Ruffles have Bridges Mark Ruffleos Darren Pretzelnofskies Crispian Kale Salad Jesse Eisenberg Lettuce Salad with Shaved Jeremy Fennel and Javier Bacon Lardons Soup The King’s Beets, Geoffrey Russian Style Mains Natalie Porkmans James Franc’n’beans Roasted David O. Brussels Sprouts Joel and Ethan Coen on the Cob, with Salt Afters The Cakes […]

Hungarian Rhapsody

November 1st, 2009 Comments Off on Hungarian Rhapsody

Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2 is one of my favorite pieces (me and everyone else). I was reading about it last week and listening to some performances, including Horowitz (I like what he does starting at about 4:10) and Jung Lin (check out the section starting around 5:00). I also came across a reference to Friz […]

A Searing Indictment of Modern Suburban Malaise

March 9th, 2009 Comments Off on A Searing Indictment of Modern Suburban Malaise

Yesterday’s Comics Curmudgeon highlights a “Hi and Lois” strip that pretty much covers the “modern suburban malaise” genre. I like Josh’s take on “Revolutionary Road” too — it does kind of make sense as a “Titanic” sequel. After my great blog malaise (thanks for the suggestions), all I really enjoy reading right now are comics […]

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