Robert Vaughn, Bullitt (1968): “In your parlance, you blew it.”
Christopher Lee, The Wicker Man (1973): “He’s dead. Can’t complain, had his chance and, in modern parlance, blew it.”

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Miss Austen Regrets

Miss Austen Regrets was surprisingly good, especially if you consider the trickle of not-so-good based-on-jane-austen’s-life movies we’ve gotten in the last few years. Olivia Williams (who was also Jane in the Kate Beckinsale Emma) is a great Austen, and the story is very good. It doesn’t take any simple path of making parallels between Jane and her books, but showing her more as the genuine novelist, worried about being able to write and trying to support her family as best she can. The dialogue is witty and austenesque, but not to the point of being unrealistic, and Jane is drawn as an intelligent, wry, sometimes difficult person — as you’d expect and hope she was.