The Elusive AWOO

At about 6-8 weeks, Nora’s main mode of expression was still crying; she didn’t have many other sounds in her vocabulary. Around that time, she got a cold or something and was stuffed up for a while and started sneezing. She’d often sneeze a couple of times and then try to sneeze again but miss, instead emitting a super loud AWOO sound which was hilarious. It was the first non-crying sound we’d heard her make and pretty much the cutest thing we’d ever heard (probably not the last time I’ll say that). We kept trying to catch it on video but never succeeded. And now, at three months, she’s figured out how to sneeze without accidentally saying AWOO (though she makes similar sounds along with her growing vocabulary of coos and shrieks) and we’re afraid we’ll never hear it again. The elusive AWOO is sort of like the sound at about 0:43 of this video, except it actually sounds like she is saying “AWOO!”

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