Nora Words

A new word for Nora is “uh-oh” which, to her, means “I just deliberately threw this thing on the floor”. E is trying to teach her that you can’t say uh-oh when it’s on purpose, but to little effect. Nora also likes to signify she is done eating by throwing things onto the floor. She will throw one thing, and if you don’t get the message she will look at you while deliberately throwing another thing, and another, and another. This is infuriating. It’s cute when she says “uh-oh” while doing it though. Sort of.

She’s been saying “night night” (pronounced “nigh-nigh”) more too, when she’s ready to go to sleep. I wasn’t sure she really knew what it meant, but she has a few times now said it and then gone to sleep pretty readily (usually there’s a few minutes of crying), so maybe she does.

She hasn’t been saying “bear” that much but the stuffed beaver has become her favorite toy (arguably her favorite person) and she now says “beaver” (pronounced “bee-ber”) fairly often. Sort of like she starts chanting “mommy” or “daddy” when one of us isn’t there, she will start chanting “beaver”, like in the car. “kittycat” has become “cat” (pronounced “tat”) and she will often say it when they come into the room or while pointing at them. Funny, she points herself but usually doesn’t understand when we do it — she just looks at our fingers.

I forgot a big word she understands: dance. She likes to dance to music a lot, and if you ask her to “do her dance” she’s almost guaranteed to do it.