Words Nora Says

apple (“bapple”), baba (her name for our cats), baby, ball, balloon, beads (“bee”), bear, beaver, beebo (bellybutton; it’s from a book), berry (also “bee”), boob (“boo”), bottle (“bobble”), bye, cat (“tat”), cracker, dada, diaper, dirty, doggy (“doddy”), door, foot, feet (they mean the same), giraffe (“faf”), hair, happy (“bappy”), hat, hi, hot (a lot like hat), kittycat (“tittytat”), meow meow, mommy, night night (“nigh-nigh”), no, noni (what she calls her little lion blanket), pear, water.

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I know I’m forgetting some. she also recognizes some words (like dance, hidey hole, or book) that she can’t say. sometimes she’ll use a word if you teach it to her but won’t necessarily keep using it.