Nora language facts

– Her word for glasses is “dadas”, because daddy wears glasses
– If you point at a picture of a bird and say “what is this?” she says “birdie”. If you point at two birds and say “what are these?” she says “birdies”. or more like “birdie.. sss”. She also sometimes says “two!” when she has two of something.
– Her words for cat include cat, kittycat, kitcat, meow meow, and baba
– She’s started saying please (“peas”) and asking for help (“hep”)
– She loves cars (“beep beeps”) and talks about them all the time. she also knows about “bus”
– She also loves furniture, all of which is known as “chair”
– She’s started saying “fish” and “sushi”
– She sometimes calls herself “Nona” (or says it when we say “Nora” at least)
– When she wants to open a container she says “pop” because mommy likes to “pop the top”