Books, December 2010

*** Drew Magary – Men with Balls
** Michael Tunison – The Football Fan’s Manifesto

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I started reading the football blog Kissing Suzy Kolber a few years ago. It’s really more of a humor blog that takes football as its material than an actual football blog, though you might occasionally learn something about football by accident. Anyway, it’s pretty funny and a couple of the founders have written books, both of which I read this month. Magary’s book is a guidebook for the professional athlete, full of advice about how to manage your fame and fortune. It’s pretty funny, an entertaining way to pass some time, though not really as funny as his best stuff on KSK and Deadspin. Tunison’s book is a guide to being a fan, also funny but with, I think, a serious core — I’m pretty sure he believes in some of his rules and disdains those who don’t. Anyway, I didn’t find his book nearly as funny (again, not as good as his work on the blog) — somewhat predictable humor and some setups with disappointing punchlines.