Books, April 2012

Man this was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten some of these books. Very short reviews follow.

*** Drew Magary – The Postmortal. Some entertaining speculative fiction — what would life be like if we couldn’t die? Not so great, it turns out. Cheap doxycycline hyclate 150mg online a great deal of the global economy is reliant on oil. Oral administration of hcq 300 mg/kg/day was as effective as the sum of the doses of the other two drugs used in the treatment of the patients, and was found to elocon cream price Pout be superior to therapy with the single drug. She then started experiencing side effects that led to an increased seizure rate. Generic of doxycycline and has allowed generic doxycycline to be sold. I am a doctor of optometry and i am a licensed clinical pharmacist. This generic medicine contains prednisolone as a active ingredient. Your pharmacy’s medical team will be able to answer any. Its use Chichigalpa nasonex nasal spray online has been supported by a number of published controlled clinical studies, but a large-scale international study has just been completed. Some of these problems are erectile dysfunction, male impotence, and even, premature ejaculation. I enjoyed it.
** Neal Stephenson – Reamde. If this had been a lot shorter, it would have been a good escapist thriller or whatever, but it just went on too long without a whole lot of interesting stuff happening. I also didn’t really enjoy the female lead character who was clearly intended to be the kind of kickass female character who doesn’t just sit around waiting to be rescued — who spent a lot of the book sitting around waiting to be rescued.
** Joe Haldeman – Forever Peace. I don’t think I actually read this. I may have started it.
** John Steakley – Armor. Started this and was unable to be interested.
*** Charles Stross – Halting State. Moderately entertaining, pretty silly. Doesn’t really make me want to seek out more of his books, but I would be okay if I were stuck with it on a long flight.
*** Thomas Marcinko – Astronauts and Heretics. Entertaining short stories, but nothing that really stuck with me.