Adelman Chandelier

A clickable copy of the parts list from the DIY Lindsay Adelman chandelier. Here’s another example with a lot of discussion in the comments.

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  • 2 plug buttons – item 5S48lS4K5900 (not for sale there; I skipped them entirely)


From (products not directly linkable)

  • 1 box or wire connectors – item 7108K32 (not shown on the diagram)
  • 10 feet of white wire – item 7587K138 (not shown on the diagram)
  • 10 feet of black wire – item 7587K133 (not shown on the diagram)
  • 1 electrical tape – item 76455A21 (not shown on the diagram)
  • 1 wire stripper – item 7660K14 (tool not shown on the diagram)

Other useful bits

  • Fixture mounting crossbar – item CB1/4
  • Universal mounting plate – item CBU2