Nora’s Sound of 2015

In our ever-growing Perkosmith family tradition, Nora kept a playlist throughout the year of songs she was listening to, and selected her top ten at the end of the year. Both are on Spotify: Nora’s Best of 2015 and Nora’s Songs of 2015. I was sad that “Join in the Chant” didn’t make the top ten list, but it was fun driving around with her blasting it out the windows.

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Nora’s top ten:
1. Stereo Total: L’Amour
2. Fumio Hayasaka: Rice Planting Song (from The Seven Samurai)
3. Kraftwerk: Numbers
4. Edvard Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King
5. Erasure: Blue Savannah
6. Fumio Hayasaka: Samurai Search (from The Seven Samurai)
7. Steve Martin: King Tut
8. Katy Perry: Firework
9. Michael Jackson: Thriller
10. Mark Ronson + Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk