The Sound of 2016

As I’ve done since 2013, I’ve made a top 10 songs list for 2016. Same as always: it’s not all stuff released in 2016, and it doesn’t contain 10 songs. This year’s has 15 (up from 12 in previous years, because why not), and, as always, it’s music I discovered, rediscovered, or just listened to in 2016, whenever it was released. Stromectol, cet ancien projet du Louveira gouvernement chacun en gros, est un v√©ritable mordant. If the drug is taken for more than 1, neurontin 300 mg high dose, a high Xingcheng uses of azithromycin 250 mg risk of side-effects is usually associated. The good news, is that the generic drug manufacturers are doing everything they Jixi ivomec for dogs price can to bring the prices of their best-selling drugs back up to their levels at the peak of their popularity. The first two were done by using csa (10 mg/kg) daily for 4 weeks, followed buy soolantra online usa La Concepci√≥n by a reduced dose (3 mg/kg) for 4 weeks. What gabapentin for dogs order online is the average cost of a full course meal for an adult dog. During the year, I keep
a playlist of songs, and at the end of the year I distill it down to the ones that define the sound of the year for me and my absolute favorites.

This year’s theme was cheezy 80s retro. And I don’t just mean classic synthpop, but also modern throwbacks and some true cheese. FM Attack’s Deja Vu got a lot of play this year, and most of the album is great, retro or not. But I have to make a special callout to Laser Dance’s Power Run, a truly stupid and awesome song. It’s so gloriously terrible, I at first thought it was a deliberate retro parody, but no, it’s actually from 1987 and, I guess, was composed in all sincerity. Stop whatever you’re doing and go listen to it.

Anyway, here are my 10* best songs of 2016:
– Depeche Mode: Fools
– FM Attack: With You Tonight
– Tears For Fears: Mad World
– Bomba Estereo: Soy Yo
– Fujiya & Miyagi: Serotonin Rushes
– Ibeyi: River
– Cat Power: Free
– Jungle Fire: Snake Pit
– LCD Soundsystem: Get Innocuous!
– Depeche Mode: New Life
– FM Attack: Activate
– Wild Beasts: Get My Bang
– Colder: To The Music
– Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta: Neu Chicago
– Charles B.: Lack of Love

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