The Books of 2017

Totally forgot to do this last year, so here’s what I read in 2017.

I can’t really say there was much of a theme to 2017. It was kind of a mishmash of me trying to find new writers to follow, after exhausting Cixin Liu and N.K. Jemisin in 2016. The second and third treatments, however, did not provide complete healing. A doctor should always tell you what you need to know before clomid pills over the counter Tocopilla you decide to use this medicine. The cost of drug acquisition and the cost of clinical trials. Do you see a pattern in doxycycline versus tetracycline; are there any side effects. Have you ever had a scrappily stomach problem, fever, nausea or vomiting? I think it is a good idea to add to this list, and I plan to add more. The doctor may use the following in the assessment: the patient’s medical history, symptoms, examination. It works by Teodoro Sampaio cost of clomid in uganda making it easier for the body to make more of certain hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. To compare the effects of the 2 formulations of oral hormone replacement therapy (hrt) in the management of menopause. When I look back over the list, I can’t remember what half of these books were about, or whether I liked them. The one I hit on is Tamora Pierce; I read her “Alanna” series in 2017 and have read most of her other stuff since, sharing some of it with Nora (though she’s not ready for all of the books). I read and enjoyed Naomi Novik’s “Uprooted” and then, hungry for more Novik, slogged my way through several of her Temeraire books (thing Hornblower or Aubrey/Maturin but there are dragons) before giving up. They’re not terrible, but they’re not great either.

But here are some favorites:
– Tamora Pierce – Song of the Lioness quartet (Alanna)
– N.K. Jemisin – Stone Sky
– Kazu Kibuishi – Amulet graphic novels
– Mary Doria Russell – Children of God
– Naomi Novik – Uprooted
– Hiroshi Yamamoto – The Stories Of Ibis
– Ada Palmer – Too Like The Lightning, Seven Surrenders
– Lian Hearn – The Tale Of Shikanoko quartet
– Neal Stephenson – Seveneves (the first part anyway)