The Nora Report

I’ve started a new blog for making somewhat boring posts about Nora-related details. The only thing I’m definitely planning on doing with it is posting what she’s eating and any related recipes. If you’re interested, you can find it at and entries will be listed at her main page and on her facebook page.

Nora Words Update

Well, though Nora was saying “kittycat” she only did it for a few days. Her word for the cats now seems to be “ba” or just her high-pitched screech. She’s started saying a new word though that we can’t figure out: “abu”. It doesn’t just sound like babbling because she says it pretty distinctly and it seems directed at things, but we can’t figure out what it means. If you say it to her she will often repeat it back though.


Since it’s essentially impossible to keep the floor 100% free of Nora-tempting dirt particles, why not just scatter the floor with crumbs of delicious, nutritious cheerios to decoy her away from the dirt?

Good Eatin

My daughter will crawl halfway across the floor (a very large effort for her right now) to pick up and eat a piece of lint, and fight like a tigress to prevent you pulling it out of her mouth when you grab her with a horrified gasp, but she is not interested in the delicious pears, plums, chicken, cheese etc. presented to her at the dinner table and will turn up her nose at them in a frosty manner.

It’s Official

Nora’s first word is: kittycat. She says something that sounds more or less like “kittycat” or “cat” when she sees the cats (she also shrieks loudly). She also says something like “dada” a lot but that one’s more random — all kinds of things and people seem to count as “dada”.


After reading a bunch of Game Theorist, I’m starting to think that economist parents may be even more scary1 than psychologist parents.

1 I use “scary” in the affectionate sense, being a sort of amateur-psychologist parent myself, with enough game/mathy obsession to be a potential amateur-economist parent as well.