The Biggest One-Hit Wonder


It’s much easier to define a one-hit wonder than the king of pop: a song by an artist who never hit the charts with another song in their careers. The biggest would be the one that spent the most time at the top of the charts; for my purposes, I’m counting weeks in the top ten. I analyzed my data to find songs by artists who never appeared for another song. However, since I don’t have full weekly top 40 or top 100 data, I had to take the top candidates and manually check for other hits. Here are the top one-hit wonders. Clearly, we have three definite winners; two of them are exactly what I think of when I think “one-hit wonder”.


ArtistSongWeeks in Top Ten
Tag TeamWhoomp! (There It Is)24
Gotye featuring KimbraSomebody That I Used to Know24
Los del RioMacarena23
Terror Squad*Lean Back17
Jennifer Paige*Crush17
Wreckx-N-Effect*Rump Shaker15
Quad City DJs*C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)15
Merril Bainbridge*Mouth15
Mark Morrison*Return Of The Mack15
Ini KamozeHere Comes The Hotstepper15
Cassie*Me & U15


*These artists had a slight amount of additional chart action, but, in my opinion, not enough to deny them their wonderness.

Readers of my generation (i.e. who musically came of age in the 80s) might be shocked that “867-5309” didn’t make the list. It was further down, with 8 weeks in the top ten. Other 80s wonders included “Come on Eileen” (6 weeks) and “Mickey” (10 weeks).

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