Three-branch chandelier


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Compared to the original Adelman chandelier, this one is flatter and doesn’t hang as far, better for a smaller room with a lower ceiling.

Main body:
– (1) BOLG3 Large cluster body
– (1) SV140 Adjustable swivel
– (2) BOT2 Tapered brass cluster body
– (1) PIBR06-0X8 6″ pipe
– (1) PIBR05-0X8 5″ pipe
– (3) PIBR04-0X8 4″ pipe
– (1) PIBR03-0X8 3″ pipe
– (2) PIBR02-0X8 2″ pipe
– (1) RE1/8FX1/4MS Reducer with shoulder
– Plenty of black and white wire (say, 10 feet each)

For the five fixtures:
– (5) SR0-3/8 Slip ring
– (5) CU578 Cup w/ 1/8″ hole
– (5) SO10045 Porcelain socket
– (3) BUEG16C40 Globe Edison clear bulb
– (2) BUET10C40 Tubular Edison clear bulb

For the canopy and hanging:
– (1) NE449NP Straight coupling
– (1) NI0-1/2X1/8 Steel nipple
– (1) CA34 or CA04 Black canopy